How to date, the proper way.

27 Nov
How to date, the proper way.

Get her phone number, never give your.

Phone or internet is for fixing a date, not for conversation unless you don’t want to meet her just like I did with the last one, LOL.

In the date (example Tim Hortin, you pay your drink, she pay her stuff) Don’t pay for her, NEVER.

Forget about having the first date a perfect wonderful date, actually make it a complete mess, more below to why and how.

Get into a difference of opinion with them (religion, politics, money and sex are usually effective triggers if you need one) and see if and how rapidly they escalate it into a disagreement and then an argument. A reddened neck and face and/or spit in the corner of their mouths are pretty good tip offs.

Find out about prior relationships and what they thought caused them to end. Beware of the person who takes no responsibility for any of the problems and who didn’t learn any lesson about what they needed to do differently (besides picking a better partner) to succeed in a relationship.

Find out about how they felt about their parent of the opposite sex. If it looks like they are still holding a grudge, beware. Even if they have legitimate reasons to be disappointed or even hurt, if they haven’t learned that the best revenge is living and loving well, stay clear of them.

Ask them what they need to be and get better at to make a relationship successful and how they selected that and what they are doing to get better at it.

Ask them what and who they are grateful for and why. People who have trouble being grateful for anything are often people who feel entitled and have trouble sincerely saying “Thank you” or “Congratulations.” Stay away from people who aren’t able to come up with anything or anyone to be grateful for and to.

Ask them what they are most curious about in life. People with narcissistic or borderline personalities are usually more interested in having or getting something, because in both cases they are trying to take or get something from the world and other people to (temporarily) fill a personality defect.

Finally, ask them: “Tell me something I shouldn’t know about you.” Watch their reaction and then if they answer, ask them, “Why that?”

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