Relationship secrets of success.

08 Nov
Relationship secrets of success.

Never ever make your mate the most important person in your life, that’s codependency and that’s lame.

Make your friends always more important than your mate.

Never have sex before at lease 6 months. (sociopath and evil people cannot last that long)

Never give them money. She must pay her drinks herself.

Never let someone telling you that she/he love you before 6 months. It is not love, its something else.

Never love a woman because she is your ONLY choice. Don’t be lazy and make sure you date many people until you choose someone. It is not cheating when you are not officially bf/gf. Dating is dating, its not a commitment, you can date many people in the same week, you don’t have to wait the full week just for one person.

Accept that your mate can disappear for no reason (car crash). So be ready to live your life without her.

When she is doing that childish thing you see in the picture, just leave, don’t even argue.

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