The truth as higher power or god.

14 Oct
The truth as higher power or god.

Don’t have to believe in a omnipotent being. Actually there is no proofs of it, I even have stuff to disprove it = we have evil and evil is the lies.  BUT IT IS STILL IMPORTANT TO HAVE A HIGHER POWER = The truth. So get involved in a truther group example A.A. N.A. any kind of recovery groups can be cancer patients, can be depressed/bipolar groups, find one that suit you best. THAT GROUP ITSELF IS YOUR HIGHER POWER. The truth invisible but we can give it a symbol. In short it’s what hold us all together, their is a lot of randomness in this universe but some stuff can be predictable. I don’t claim to know all truth, only the truth itself knows it, example what will be the winning number of superball? only the truth knows and we will know it in the moment of truth. What we can do however to get closer to the truth is to be NEUTRAL as much as possible. People who worship the devil are very biased and will discard anything that doesn’t suit them even if it is truth.

What REAL love?????????????????????????

  • Is patient (at least 6 month before sex and living together)
  • It is discrete
  • It is honest
  • It give and expect very few in return
  • Take HIS responsibilities (example NOT paying for the  mistakes of  others)
  • Admit his mistakes even if don’t have to.

What it is not =

  • Want everything right away, sex, marriage,baby  all in less than 6 months.
  • bragging as trophy.
  • Being with someone just for sex or  money.
  • Lies and lies.
  • Steal.
  • Manipulate (example “love bombing” “Silent treatment” “gaslighting” “hoovering”)
  • Never admit mistakes except if it is the last option.
  • Give and expecting more in return
  • Take responsibilities of other but not his own.

For some people The truth was bad and unfair and even terrible, I suggest to simply focus on what good can be done and doing it instead of being angry at god because that will not help. Forgiving is the best path.

Be hopeful of the future, for example I imagine humanity colonizing mars and beyond, terrible stuff will happened but in the end we will  make progress as a whole. Being hopeful is the best way to succeed. So be it, that’s what works, I swear. DON’T GIVE UP, NEVER.

If you are in a airplane and it’s about to crash, you will panic and ask god help. You will even if you are deeply atheist. Well that god is The truth. Some may call it luck or whatever. I call it The truth. The truth can be good and the crash didn’t hurt you. great, but if The truth couldn’t save you. Know that its because it is not omnipotent but it is great overall, just think that you will not die for nothing, Trend will still do his work even if he failed to save your life, the aircraft agency will find way to not make it to happened again. An investigation will be done and future life will be save from that crash. Thats how we have to see it, The truth can be a pain in the ass even if he were good but just not give up, it can turn around, never know, just never give up.


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