Resolve your chilhood trauma.

16 Sep
Resolve your chilhood trauma.

1-Forgive life. *Life is good and stronger than evil but not omnipotent.
*Forgive doesn’t mean to forget, it mean to cancel any form of revenge.

2-Forgive yourself and detect old false beliefs and replace it. Example I have low value because I have no property, that mean that you value is on materials, change that on spiritual, spiritual is more valuable than objects.

*What did I learned? You were ignorant, ask you the why and get the answer so you are not anymore ignorant.
Example if your dad was beating you when a child, does that mean it is something important
to do to raise a kid? or it is because your dad was a piece of shit?
So don’t do it on your child, if you do you are also becoming a piece of shit. Don’t let it be.

3-Forgive others except if it is an emergency . . . .
(When the enemies still hurting others or you, call the cops and stay away from them)
*Know that they will hurt themselves without you needing to hurt them, let life taking care of them.
-Even when our enemy is having pleasure they are still hurting themselves and suffering.
-Do not try to hurt others to make them have the same treatment you had because that’s laziness and coward.
-Don’t try to save people who don’t ask for it, let life teaching them a lesson the hard way.
-Do try to save yourself, stop putting your RECENT mistakes on them and take responsibilities now.

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